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Joe Walsh for Judge
Joe Walsh For Judge Erie Pa

Thank you !  It's on to November!

To my family, friends, and supporters, as well as to the over 13,000 Erie County voters who helped me earn the top Democratic and Republican nominations --

No words can adequately describe the sincere amount of appreciation that I feel for your overwhelming support. I am humbled by the trust you have shown in my ability to serve as your next judge. I look forward to the journey ahead, and the general election on November 3rd.



Joe Walsh Endorsed by Jack Daneri

Elect Joe Walsh as Judge of the Erie County Court of Common Pleas

Joe Walsh is pleased to announce his candidacy for Judge on the Erie County Court of Common Pleas. With nearly three decades of a  broad-based practice of law, Joe has the experience necessary to represent Erie County as Judge . He has successfully represented clients in practically every area of law. Joe has earned the respect and trust of his peers and now he seeks your support to serve the residents of Erie County in a fair, impartial, and respectful manner.

Decision-Making Experience

In 1991, Joe was appointed by the President Judge to act as a Mental Health Hearing Officer for Erie County.  Since that time and continuing through today,  Joe has presided over 5,500+ mental health hearings, with NO decisions appealed.  Joe has a proven track record for fairness, impartiality, and respectfulness for over 22 years in his quasi-judicial capacity.

Why am I running for Judge?

"I am running for Judge because I would like to put my nearly thirty years of diverse and extensive experience to work for the citizens of Erie County, in keeping our community safe and serving with integrity, fairness, and respect for all those who may appear before me.



Why should you vote for me?

"People should vote for me because I have significant experience in virtually all areas of the law that will allow me to immediately step into any division of the court. I have the proven trust and temperament necessary to serve competently and responsibly."

 "He can fit into any court within the Common Pleas Court, and he can do it with ease, and grace, and intelligence, and compassion."  - Mayor Joyce Savocchio

Why do fellow attorneys support Joe?

“Joe Walsh has the depth and breadth of experience that makes him the best candidate for Judge.  In addition, his demeanor and temperament make him uniquely qualified to serve the citizens of Erie County.  Joe Walsh will make a great addition to our Bench.” - Patrick M. Carey, Esq.

Vote for Joe Walsh on November 3rd - Where do I vote?   Need absentee ballot?